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Title: Efektivitas Program Pengembangan Usaha Agribisnis Perdesaan (PUAP) dalam Upaya Peningkatan Kesejahteraan Petani (Studi Kasus: Gapoktan Mandiri Jaya, Desa Cikarawang, Dramaga, Kabupaten Bogor)
Authors: -, Feryanto
Keywords: Effectiveness
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: Departemen Agribisnis, FEM-IPB
Series/Report no.: Prosiding PUD AGB 2011;page 417 - 430
Abstract: The aims of this study was to analyze the effectiveness or impact of the PUAP program on BLM-PUAP disbursements institutions and to analyze the welfare increase of food crop farmers which have experience in receiving previous assistance and non-food crop farmers. Farm management analysis is used to measure the level of farm income. The result indicate that Gapoktan performance in disbursing funds to its members PUAP BLM is effective. Benchmarks that contributes the largest based on value score on the assessment of the effectiveness are the initial requirements, administrative costs, realization of loans and lending procedures. The average income of members Gapoktan Mandiri Jaya after receiving BLM-PUAP has increased, indicated by the revenue of rice and sweet potato farmers. Based on income received, PUAP funds disbursed is more effective on non-food crop farmers compared with food crop farmers.
ISBN: 978-979-19423-9-3
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