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Title: Analisa Usahatani Tebu Rakyat di Lampung
Authors: Asmarantaka, Ratna Winandi
Baga, Lukman Mohammad
-, Suprehatin
-, Maryono
Keywords: analysis of sugarcane farming
analisis usahatani tebu
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: Departemen Agribisnis, FEM-IPB
Series/Report no.: Prosiding PUD AGB 2011;page 37 - 50
Abstract: Sugar commodity in Indonesia plays a strategic role. However, national production is still not able to meet national consumption needs therefore the government has to import. Lampung is the largest sugarcane production center outside Java (the second largest next to East Java Province), sugarcane in Lampung has the highest productivity in Indonesia. The study aims to: (1) analyze the farm income of sugarcane farming in Lampung and (2) analyze the technical efficiency of sugarcane farming in Lampung. The analysis in this study includes an analysis of farm income analysis and technical efficiency approach of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Technical efficiency analysis obtained an average yield of 0.93 efficiency scores, while 20 respondents (55.56 percent) already had efficiency score of 1 (one). Thus, sugarcane farming has been efficient. The analysis showed that total farm income was Rp 22,141,936.02. R / C ratio of total cost was 1.94, implying that sugarcane farming is still profitable for farmers.
ISBN: 978-979-19423-9-3
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