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dc.contributor.advisorNovelina, Savitri
dc.contributor.advisorAdnyane, I Ketut Mudite
dc.contributor.authorPratama, Afdi
dc.description.abstractThis research was aimed to describe the morphology of the parotid and mandibular glands of Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). Four adult civets were used in this research which observed macroscopic and microscopically. The macroscopic observation had been done by observing the shape and size of the glands. The microscopic observation was done using hematoxylin-eosin, alcian blue pH 2.5 and periodic acid Schiff staining method. The parotid gland was of pure serous glands whereas the mandibular gland was of mixed gland. By using histochemistry method showed that the parotid gland gave negative reaction with alcian blue pH 2.5, whereas periodic acid Schiff gave positive reaction with moderate intensity in the serous acini cells while a weak intensity the duct lumen secretion. The mandibular glands gave positive reaction of both stains, a high intensity was detected in the mucous acini cells while a weak intensity was detected in duct lumen secretion with alcian blue pH 2.5. Periodic acid Schiff gave a high intensity in the serous acini while a moderate to high intensity was detected in the duct lumen secretion. In general, the characteristic of both glands were not similar with that of other carnivores. This may be caused by diet pattern differences.en
dc.subjectBogor Agricultural University (IPB)en
dc.subjectmandibular glanden
dc.subjectparotid glanden
dc.subjectParadoxurus hermaphroditusen
dc.titleMorfologi Kelenjar Parotis dan Mandibularis Musang Luak (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus)en
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