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dc.contributor.authorWulansari, Faizza Maililla
dc.description.abstractThe study was aimed to provide data on the morphology and morphometry of the stomach of Javan porcupine (Hystrix javanica). Two samples of stomach of Javan porcupine was used in the study. The stomach was observed macroscopically and microscopically. Javan porcupine has a C shape like stomach. The lesser curvature was shorter than those of the greater curvature. The lengths of stomach’s greater curvature were 25.25±2.55 cm and the lesser curvature were 1.7±0.2 cm. Fundus region formed a dead-end pocket which called fundic caecum. At the pyloric-duodenal junction a thickened of muscle layer at the side of greater curvature and lesser curvature made a sphincter-like shape. The result of microscopic observation showed that gastric mucosal of Javan porcupine was lined by simple columnar epithelium and covered with thickened mucous fluid. The gastric gland consisted of cardiac, fundic, and pyloric glands. The cardiac gland was narrowest while the fundic gland was widest among the gastric glands. The distribution characteristic of the chief cells were mostly in the fundic caecum region, while those of the parietal cells were mostly in the lesser and the greater curvatures. In the junction between pylorus and duodenum, there was a pyloric sphincter. Intestinal villi which contained goblet cells was observed in the duodenal mucosae. However Brunner cells was found in the proximal duodenum, but not in the pyloric-duodenal junctionen
dc.description.abstractPenelitian ini bertujuan memberikan data morphology dan morphometry lambung landak Jawa (Hystrix javanica). Sampel yang digunakan adalah dua organ lambung landak Jawa. Pengamatan organ lambung dilakukan secara makroskopis dan mikroskopis. Lambung landak Jawa berbentuk seperti huruf C terbalik dengan ukuran kurvatura minor sangat pendek dan kuvatura mayor yang relatif panjang. Panjang kurvatura mayor lambung landak Jawa adalah 25.25±2.55 cm dan kurvatura minor adalah 1.7±0.2 cm. Bagian fundus berbentuk seperti kantong buntu yang dinamakan fundic caecum. Pada hubungan antara pilorus dan duodenum terdapat lapisan otot tebal di daerah kurvatura mayor dan kurvatura minor yang dinamakan sphincter. Hasil pengamatan mikroskopis memperlihatkan bahwa mukosa lambung landak Jawa dilapisi oleh epitel silindris sebaris dan ditutupi oleh lapisan mukus yang sangat tebal. Kelenjar lambung landak Jawa terdiri atas kardia, fundus, dan pilorus. Kelenjar kardia sangat sempit, sedangkan kelenjar fundus adalah kelenjar lambung yang sangat luas. karakteristik distribusi sel-sel kelenjarnya adalah sel chief sangat banyak ditemukan pada daerah fundic caecum, sedangkan sel parietal sangat banyak ditemukan pada daerah kurvatura mayor dan kurvatura minor. Perbatasan antara pilorus dan duodenum ditandai dengan adanya sphincter pilorus. Vili-vili usus yang mengandung sel goblet juga ditemukan pada mukosa duodenum. Namun kelenjar Brunner mulai ditemukan pada bagian proksimal duodenum, tidak pada batas antara pilorus dan duodenum.
dc.subjectBogor Agricultural University (IPB)en
dc.subjectfundic caecumen
dc.subjectJavan porcupineen
dc.titleKajian Morfologi Lambung Landak Jawa (Hystrix javanica)en
dc.titleMorphological Studies of the Stomach of Javan porcupine (Hystrix javanica).
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