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Title: Allotransplantasi testis mencit muda sebagai upaya preservasi gonad in vivo
Authors: Prasetyaningtyas, Wahono Esthi
Mohamad, Kusdiantoro
Fahrudin, Mokhamad
Djuwita, Ita
Agungpriyono, Srihadi
Keywords: Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
mencit muda
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
Abstract: Cancer diseases are not detected only at adult but also at young age. One therapy for cancer diseases is chemotherapy and radiation, that give a side effect of infertility in the gonad, therefore, it is necessary to preserve the gonad. Sperm collection from adult is easy but not from the young patients. This research was aimed to observe the process and to study the effect of allotransplant in young testis. Transplant was one method to in vivo preservation. The testis tissues donor from 5-7 days old mice were cut into small fragments. The recipients were normal and castrated mice of 4 weeks old. The tissues transplanted on subcutaneous dorsal and scrotum. Duration of transplants were 2, 4, 8, and 16 weeks. Histology examination at 2-weeks post transplant showed that the tubules seminiferous were contained only spermatogonia cells and the cells were degenerated. The leukocyte cells were observed on the tissue out of the tubules. At 4 weeks of post transplant, the tubules were destruction, spermatogenic cells were degenerated, spermatogenesis did not yet appear and more leukocyte cells were present. These results showed that testes tissue of 5-days old transplant on 4-weeks recipient were rejected. The type the rejection was acute rejection. The rejection happened at a few week post transplant.
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