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Title: Analisis potensi biji dan umbi teratai (Nymphaea pubescens Willd) untuk pangan fungsional prebiotik dan antibakteri Escherichia coli enteropatogenik K1.1
The potential analysis of seed and root of water lily (Nymphaea pubescens Willd) as a functional food prebiotic and antibacterial enteropathogenic Escherichia coli K1.1
Authors: Astawan, Made
Soekarto, Soewarno T.
Wiryawan, Komang G.
Wresdiyati, Tutik
Fitrial, Yuspihana
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
Abstract: The purposes of this study were (1) to determine the antibacterial activities of water lily seed and root, both against pathogenic bacteria causing diarrhea and beneficial bacteria; (2) to identify phytochemical components in water lily seed and root, and to evaluate their activities as antibacterial against pathogenic bacteria causing diarrhea; (3) to measure and evaluate water lily seed’s and root’s prebiotic activities of carbohydrate fraction in vitro; (4) to evaluate biological activity of water lily seed’s and root’s flour and extract as antidiarrheal and prebiotic sources; (5) to evaluate the potential of water lily seed and its extract as immunomodulator. Extraction of antibacterial components used multistage maceration extraction method based on solvent polarity level, i.e. hexane, ethyl acetate and ethanol. Each extract’s activities were tested using diarrhea-causing bacteria, Enteropathogenic E. coli K.1.1 (EPEC K1.1) and S. Typhimurium with agar well diffusion method. The MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) and MBC (minimum bactericidal concentration) values were calculated with the highest antibacterial activities. Fractination was performed on extract with the largest antibacterial activity using thin-layer chromatography. The activities of each fraction were tested qualitatively by bio-autography method. Qualitative phytochemical tests were performed on all extracts.
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