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Title: The Morphology of Mandibular and Lingual Glands of Chicken (Gallus sp) and Quail (Coturnix coturnix): with Special Refference to the Distribution and Carbohydrate Content
Authors: Adnyane, I Ketut Mudite
Agungpriyono, Srihadi
Ermansyah, Ledi
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: IPB (Bogor Agricultural University)
Abstract: This research is aimed to compare the morphology and carbohydrate content of mandibular and lingual gland of the chicken (Gallus sp) and quail (Coturnix coturnix). This research studied mandibular and lingual gland from five chickens and five quails at macroscopic and microscopic levels. Macroscopic observation was done directly to study the position, structure and size of the glands. The microscopic observation was done using histochemical method with hematoksilin eosin (HE), alcian blue (AB) pH 2,5 and periodic acid Schiff (PAS) staining methods.The results showed that external and medial mandibular gland of chicken and external mandibular gland of quail were complex tubular mucous glands, while the medial mandibular gland of quail was complex tubular mixed glands. The anterior lingual gland of chicken and quail were complex tubular mixed glands, while the posterior lingual gland was complex tubular mucous glands. By AB pH 2,5 and PAS staining method it was showed that the cytoplasm of secretory cells and secretion of the mandibular and lingual glands of chicken and quail contains acidic and neutral carbohydrates.
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