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Title: Perbandingan Antara Mikroanatomi Bagian Endokrin Pankreas Pada Kambing Dan Domba Lokal Dengan Tin Jauan Khusus Distribusi Dan Frekuensi Sel-Sel Glukagon Pada Pankreas
Other Titles: Comparative Microanatomy Of The Local Goat And Sheep Pancreas Islets With A Special Reference To The Distribution And Relative Frequency Of Glucagon Producing Cells
Authors: Adnyane, I Ketut Mudite
Novelina, Savitri
Sari, Dwi Kesuma
Wresdiyati, Tutik
Agungpriyono, Srihadi
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
Abstract: Comparative microanatomy of the pancreas of the local goats and sheep with a special reference to the distribution and relative frequency of glucagon producing cells in the pancreas islet was studied using standard histology and a specific Grimelius silver impregnation staining method. In general, pancreas of the sheep showed a clear lobulation with distinct and thick interlobares septa as compared to that of the goat. However, the demarcation between endocrine portion (Langerhans islet) and exocrine portion was not clear in the sheep, while it was in the goat. The Langerhans islets were distributed among the exocrine portions and their number was the most numerous in the head portion, followed by tail and body portions of the pancreas. The islets were more numerous in the goat than in the sheep. Glucagon producing cells in the islets were polimorph, round, oval or triangular in shapes with bipolar cytoplasmic granules. The cells were distributed mainly in the peripheral area of the islets. In all animals, the number of the cells was in accordance with the number of the glucagon islets in each pancreas. The differences between two animals included the differences in the pancreas morphology, distribution and relative frequency of the Langerhans islets and glucagon producing cells. These were suggested to be correlated with the differences in the diet and feeding behavior between these two animals.
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