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Title: Land Use Change and Its Impact to Water Availability
Authors: Tarigan, Suria Darma
Hidayat, Yayat
Rismara, Firman
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: One of the most important issues in watershed management is the use of land, especially in the upstream catchment area. People effort to fulfill their ends meet can cause land conversion. As a result of the land conversion, the Cimanuk River condition seems quite apprehensive in the last two decades. Environmental degradation in Cimanuk watershed in both the upstream and downstream has a heavy impact to the availability of water resources in Cimanuk River. In relation to this fact, an in-depth study on land use change in Upper stream of Cimanuk Watersheds and its dynamics need to be conducted. Particularly, the impact of land use change on water availability. This research purpose is to forecast the future of land use changes (using M-CA) and assess the impact of the predicted land use changes on water availability in Upper stream of Cimanuk Watershed (using SWAT).
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