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    • Alpha and beta diversity of plants and animals along a tropical land-use gradient 

      Buchori, Damayanti | Michael Kessler | Stefan Abrahamczyk | Merijn Bos | Putra, Dadang Dwi | S. Robbert Gradstein | Patrick Höhn | Jürgen Kluge | Friederike Orend | Pitopang, Ramadhaniel | Saleh, Shahabuddin | Christian H. Schulze | Simone G. Sporn | Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter | Tjitrosoedirdjo, Sri S. | Teja Tscharntke (2010)
      Assessing the overall biological diversity of tropical rain forests is a seemingly insurmountable task for ecologists. Therefore, researchers frequently sample selected taxa that they believe reflect general biodiversity ...
    • Ant communities on small tropical islands: effects of island size and isolation are obscured by habitat disturbance and 'tramp' ant species 

      Rizali, Akhmad | David J. Lohman | Buchori, Damayanti | Prasetyo, Lilik Budi | Triwidodo, Hermanu | Merijn M. Bos | Seiki Yamane | Christian H. Schulze (2010)
      Aim Comparisons among islands offer an opportunity to study the effects of biotic and abiotic factors on small, replicated biological communities. Smaller population sizes on islands accelerate some ecological processes, ...