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    • Pulp Kraft Kayu Jabon sebagai Bahan Baku Pembuatan Bioetanol 

      Pelawi, Rospita Br | Wistara,I Nyoman J. | Fatriasari,Widya (2011)
      INTRODUCTION Fast growing species such as Jabon-wood can be a potential lignocellulosic raw material for bioethanol production. Jabon is characterized by its high cellulose content, relatively low lignin content, fast ...
    • Sifat Pulp Campuran antara Pulp Asli Bambu dan Pulp Karton Bekas (Old Corrugated Containers) 

      Purnamasari, Dwi Anggraini | Wistara, Nyoman J. | Indrawan, Dian Anggraini (2012)
      OCC was soaked for 7 days and disintegrated afterward. Soda pulping of bamboo was carried out following the pulping parameters of 35% NaOH charge, L/W of 4/1, maximum temperature of 170 oC and total cooking time of 3 hours. ...