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  • Reskiana; Setiawan, Budi Indra; Saptomo, Satyanto Krido; Mustatiningsih, Popi Redjekiningrum Dwi (2015-01-21)
    Water scarcity causes the utilization of dryland is not maximal in supporting agricultural production in Indonesia. Efficient irrigation technology which is economically affordable by farmers needs to develop. This research ...
  • Purwanto, M. Yanuar J; Subari; Nur, Friday Fritriana (2015-01-08)
    In the agricultural land with low productivity will also produce less gross domestic income, and also have low income per capita in thereqion. In this case, productivity of land should be increased. The land productivity ...
  • Purwanto, M. Yanuar J; Erizal; Anika, Nova (2015-01-08)
    Pipe Irrigation system can be one solution in improving irrigation efficiency. It will has impact on food production due to more planted areas. In addition pipe irrigation can control distribution water effectively by ...
  • Naswir; Purwanto, M. Yanuar J. (2015-01-08)
    The aim of this research is to examine the effectiveness of micro fertigation system and application of uriferm to plant growth and production of chili (Capsicum annum sp.) The field experiment was carried out at Ciherang ...
  • Pramuhadi, Gatot; Ikhsan, Mohammad (Jurusan Teknik Pertanian FTP UGM bekerjasama dengan Perhimpunan Teknik Pertanian Indonesia, 2014-10-24)
    Lahan sawah yang memiliki luas panen kurang dari 0.1 ha/ petak dan berteras, tidak dapat dijangkau oleh mesin-mesin pertanian yang berukuran dan berkapasitas besar. Mesin pemanen padi tipe sandang (paddy mower) merupakan ...


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