Prospek pemasaran dan strategi pengembangan produk olahan hasil perikanan di Dki Jakarta (studi kasus ikan asin dan pindang)

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dc.contributor.advisor Hubeis, Musa
dc.contributor.advisor Sumantadinata, Komar Hidayat, Achmad 2011-11-16T03:58:57Z 2011-11-16T03:58:57Z 2011
dc.description.abstract Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia continues to develop a variety of efforts to make Indonesia as the world’s largest fisheries producer in 2015, center of which are encouraged through the development of fisheries to increase the value-added. This studi aim to : (1) Analyzing the condition and prospects of the marketing management of fisheries products processd in Jakarta; (2) Analyze the financial feasibility level processing business management and marketing of fisheries products in Jakarta; (3) Formulate the development strategy of fisheries products processed in Jakarta. This study uses primary data (observations and interviews in the field) and secondary data (literature and consulting experts) with the processing techniques and data analysis using the Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis, Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE), External Factor Evaluation (EFE), Internal External (IE) and Analitycal Hierarchy Process (AHP). The results of these studies show : (1) Management of marketing of fisheries products processed salted and boiled fish species is currently in Jakarta is in a stable growth conditions (quadrant matrix V on the IE-SWOT). The total score of the internal factors of marketing management of fisheries products processed from salted and boiled fish species (2,58), and total score of the external factor about 2,54 (in the range 2-3 midle), so the prospect for future development to include the category “reasonably good”; (2) Business japuh salted fish, salted stingrays, and jambal salted fish, selar boiled fish, tuna boiled fish and etem boiled fish including viable developed further in the center for fisheries Jakarta, because it has a value NPV > 0, IRR > 14% (commercial interest rates), ROI > 1, and B/C ratio > 1. Business salted anchovy and boiled fish kite is not worth further developed because it has a lower value IRR and B/C ratio than the standards required. Value of IRR business salted anchovy and boiled fish kite in center for fisheries Jakarta respectively 4,22% and 9,13%, and value of B/C ratio respectively 1,00; (3) Product development strategy of processed fisheries product from fish species of salted and boiled in Jakarta consecutive based on priorities, diversification strategy (RK = 0,267), expansion strategy (RK = 0,220), combination strategy (RK = 0,191), stability strategy (RK = 0,174) and downsizing strategy (RK = 0,146). Inconsistency of priority sequence has a 0,06 so it can be trusted. As a priority strategy, diversification strategy is stable against a variety of changes/ interventions positively or negatively related to growth, continuity, competitiveness and profit of processed fisheries products of fish salted and boiled. en_US
dc.publisher IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) en_US
dc.subject Bogor Agricultural University en_US
dc.subject processed fisheries products en_US
dc.subject development strategy en_US
dc.subject marketing prospects en_US
dc.title Prospek pemasaran dan strategi pengembangan produk olahan hasil perikanan di Dki Jakarta (studi kasus ikan asin dan pindang) en_US

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