Positioning Iklan Televisi Melalui Reproduksi Sosial : Kasus Iklan Sampoerna A Mild

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dc.contributor.advisor Hubeis, Aida Vitayala S.
dc.contributor.advisor Hubeis, Musa
dc.contributor.author Mahmudi, Marwan
dc.date.accessioned 2011-09-15T02:37:59Z
dc.date.available 2011-09-15T02:37:59Z
dc.date.issued 2011
dc.identifier.uri http://repository.ipb.ac.id/handle/123456789/50433
dc.description.abstract Television ads contained the social reproduction of the symbol and certain ideas that typically existed in society. Television advertising of cigarettes Sampoerna A Mild presented a message by positioning its products through the establishment and determination of social reproduction were distinct and different from similar products. The purpose of this study was to find out more in-depth process of social reproduction made by the Sampoerna A Mild ad creator and process of formation and positioning determination through social reproduction in television advertising of cigarettes Sampoerna A Mild. The methodology of this study was a qualitative paradigm using a case study design. Research location in Jakarta. When the study was conducted from June 2008 to July 2009. The study's findings at the level of advertisers and creators of the ad showed the process of formation and positioning determination Sampoerna A Mild cigarettes through social reproduction in television advertising through four positioning schemes, namely : first, initial stage positioning scheme lifestyle a successful modern society and macho. Second, corporate image positioning transition scheme. Third, new attendance scheme positioned as low tar and nicotine products. Fourth, the scheme plenary position of trust given product. Formation process of positioning Sampoerna A Mild cigarettes made through 2 stages, namely : (a) rational process stage undertaken to bear the big idea concept. This phase included analysis of product data and characters of target audiences such as psychographics, demographics and lifestyle, (b) magic process stage carried out as the embodiment big idea into the idea that various kinds. The study's findings at the level of ad text indicated, the first version of the Man Waiting Stamp Seal on the ad implied unproductive bureaucracy and contradictory to the reform era. Second, the ad version of Flea On the Sofa having meaning seat House of Representatives who were old and fat, not productive, full of promises and corruption. The study's findings on the individual level showed different interpretations between the product with the text ad. Products and text ads were funny-interpreted as a reminder that persiflage and A Mild were the cigarettes that contain nicotine and low tar. Formation of A Mild cigarettes positioning through television advertising was the result of social reproduction in the form of socio-political situation of contemporary nation constructed either by advertisers, ad creator, ad text, and individuals with over four positioning schemes. However, different interpretations occured in the individual level. en_US
dc.publisher IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) en_US
dc.subject positioning en_US
dc.subject social reproduction en_US
dc.subject television advertising en_US
dc.subject advertiser en_US
dc.subject creator en_US
dc.subject reproduksi sosial en_US
dc.subject iklan televisi en_US
dc.subject pengiklan en_US
dc.subject pencipta iklan en_US
dc.subject IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) en_US
dc.title Positioning Iklan Televisi Melalui Reproduksi Sosial : Kasus Iklan Sampoerna A Mild id_ID
dc.title Positioning of Television Advertising Through Social Reproduction : Sampoerna A Mild Case of Ad en_US

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