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  • Ariyani, Meyta Dwi (2014)
    Sallacca edulis Reinw. (pondoh snakefruit) is one of Indonesia’s tropical fruits commodities. It have character easily damage and short shelf life. However, the level of production snakefruits keeps increasing from year ...
  • Chintara, Ayudita Widya (2014)
    Maintaining productivity is a main target to be achieved by the majority of companies in Indonesia, one of it was PT . HAI. The method used could be by implementing lean concept and value stream mapping as a measuring tool. ...
  • Bilyane, Sarah Soraya (2014)
    Active packaging is part of the modern packaging that can change the environmental conditions of food packaging to extend the shelf life, one of the active packaging materials is potassium permanganate (KMnO4). The purpose ...
  • Juniawan, Rivan (2014)
    Composites plastic is plastic which made from synthetic polymer and biopolymer blends with the addition some additives. The purpose of this study was to produce composites plastic bags from linear low density polyethylene ...
  • ‘Alim, Luqmanul (2014)
    Fruitsconsumption of Indonesianis 40.1 kg/capita/year,it’s far enough from therecommendation of FAO,65.7 kg/capita/year. One of a effort to increase fruits consumption is turn fruits into a value-added interesting product ...


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